Shaklee’s Anti-Aging ~vs~ The Other Imitations: Dr. Chaney’s View

Dr. Stephen Chaney talks about the other companies that are trying to make a product like The Very Popular Anti-Aging product by Shaklee but, no one else can even come close….  Learn why Most Others are just mere imitations.

The subject of this week’s ‘health tips from the professor’ was on a question someone asked on other polyphenol blends for products now out on the market to be like Shaklee’s Anti-Aging product. The whole topic was on a question that Dr. Chaney received.

This was the question:
–> Q: I thought this vivix was unique, but I just heard that company X was selling a resveratrol/polyphenol blend from muscadine grapes. How is Vivix better than it and similar products on the market?

Dr. Cheney chose this topic and subject for the discussion because it is an important one to be discussed. When something as wonderful and life saving as this Anti-aging product comes out, it is natural for other companies to try and copy the winning product. People therefore, go out and try the “others”. It may be easier to get, so they think, or it may be less expensive. You Must Be Careful of Imitations! This is what Dr. Chaney has to say about this.

Dr. Stephen Chaneys Discussion:

Dr. Sinclair’s research is hot right now. It is the number one topic in the anti-aging research community. Although, not as trendy at the moment, the beneficial effects of the other polyphenols in muscadine grapes have also received quite a bit of press in recent years. Thus, you can expect to see lots of “me-too” products in the months to come.

However, it is important to remember that it is the “Shaklee Difference” in product design, manufacturing quality and clinical research that sets Shaklee products apart from the competition – and Vivix is no different. For example,it is not enough to say that polyphenols from muscadine grapes have many wonderful benefits; you have to extract and process those polyphenols in such a way that you preserve all their beneficial effects. Shaklee worked with scientists at the University of Georgia and used bioassays to design an extraction and purification process that retained all of the beneficial effects of the muscadine polyphenols. Those bioassays prove that Shaklee’s polyphenol blend is 10 times more potent than resveratrol alone in blocking a key mechanism of cellular aging! Even more importantly Vivix is manufactured using only low-heat extraction processes, no chemical solvents and no artificial ingredients of any kind. Finally, Shaklee has performed clinical studies with their final product. Just as with the Landmark study, the results of the clinical trial will be released as soon as the paper is accepted for publication. But stay tuned. The results are impressive. The bottom line is that Shaklee has designed their product based on Sound Science, manufactured it in such a way that its natural benefits are preserved and tested it to prove that it works. Other companies will tell you that their products contain ingredients shown by other people to be beneficial in other forms. They hope that their formulation works. Shaklee knows that Vivix works! As if that weren’t enough Shaklee has sewn up the market for the ingredients and patented the process needed to make this very powerful Anti-aging product. Other companies can make imitations, but no one else can make Vivix! All of this and more is covered in my new CD “Everything You Need To Know About The Vivix Rx For A Healthier Life”. This CD explains the science behind Shaklee’s Anti-aging product in a way that is easy to understand and answers the questions that you and your prospects have about this exceptional product. To order this CD and my other CDs on the LandMark study, Vitalizer and holistic approaches to health, go to But Always Get Back With the Shaklee Representative that You Got this Information From!

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