Anti-Aging Product that is Known as “The Miracle Breakthrough”

Lately all that the people hear out and about on the web and in social places is about this particular Anti-Aging product. This product is taking on the form of the “Newest and Greatest” Miracle for Healthy Lives. I have learned that this Anti-Aging product is not a Drug. It is not prescribed by doctors or purchased over the counter at the pharmacy’s. So, in that case just what could this Miracle Product be and what does it do?

I did my Studying and I found out some very Powerful Information on the Product.

It is a Cellular Anti-Aging Tonic. It is a revolutionary breakthrough in the fight against cellular aging. It has finally been developed after years of research by the Shaklee Corporation, the number one natural nutrition company in the U.S. This product is the world’s best anti-aging supplement. In laboratory studies, ingredients have been shown to impact the four key mechanisms of cellular aging.


These are the Four Key Mechanisms of Cellular Aging

1. DNA Damage

Every day, every cell in your body is bombarded by up to a million DNA-damaging assaults. These assaults can damage the cell’s genetic database, creating a “typo” that may compromise cell function and longevity. When these damaged cells duplicate, they duplicate a damaged cell – over time the cells degrade and don’t function as intended.
These ingredients help protect and repair cellular DNA.

2. Genetic Regulators

Genetic regulators contribute to age-related cellular deterioration.
The ingredients positively impact genetic regulators that help turn down cellular aging, thereby extending the life of the cell.

3. Declining Cellular Energy Production

Mitochondria in our cells create energy we can’t live without. As mitochondrial efficiency decreases, cell function declines.

These ingredients promote mitochondrial biogenesis (recharges and duplicates mitochondria). This provides a surge in energy.

4. Accumulation of AGE Proteins

Excess accumulation of Advanced Glycation End products (AGE) can cause cellular damage that can compromise cell integrity and longevity.

Since the launch of the product this past September, it has garnered national media attention and continues to generate buzz daily. This product has been successful not only because it’s a truly remarkable and unique product, but also because of the compelling science and research behind it.

Just one of the Key ingredients called “Resveratrol” has been referenced in over 2,000 research publications, including studies by:

  • Harvard University
  • National Institute on Aging
  • National Cancer Institute
  • National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

A 30 day supply of This Anti-Aging product delivers the equivalent amount of resveratrol found in 3,000 glasses of red wine, and These ingredients are 10x more powerful in slowing a key mechanism of aging than resveratrol alone.

Plus the products ingredients support:

  • Heart health
  • Brain health
  • Cardiovascular Function
  • Enhance immunity

Key Ingredients of This Anti-Aging Product:

Muscadine Grape extract (Vitis rotundifolia) (fruit pomace), trans-Resveratrol (Polygonumcuspidatum) (root) standardized to a minimum of 98% purity, European Elderberry extract (Sambucus nigra) (fruit), and Purple Carrot extract (Daucus carota sativus) (root)

Watch This Video all about The Product


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