What about the Shaklee Prices? Why is Shaklee Different?

Shaklee is definitely known as the #1 Nutritional Company in the Country. If you do not know that, then you should. Just do your studying and learn about the company and what is all behind the name. You can view test studies, case studies, product studies, and reviews on the products themselves. One of the biggest questions that happens to come up regarding Shaklee and their products is “What about the Shaklee Prices?”. Lets answer those questions. There is a reason behind this. Also, I have done some comparing and learned that many prices of  Shaklee products are quite comparable with the prices of other nutritional products on the market. Many of the Shaklee products even go further (or last longer) then other products which in turn makes those products more economical.  There are many people that do not take this aspect into consideration when looking for the Best Nutritional Products for their optimal Health and Well-being.

Most of the companies out on the market that sell nutritional products do not have the backing that Shaklee has. Shaklee Products, backed by over $250 million in research and development, represent the best in scientific integrity, in natural ingredients, in quality manufacturing, and in environmental stewardship.

Learn more about products created with what we call

The Shaklee Difference”

There is a DIFFERENCE in the Shaklee philosophy, their commitment to purity and potency, and in the performance of their products as proven by their Extensive, Independent Research and their millions of satisfied customers.

It has been 50 years that Shaklee has been the Leader in the Nutritional Supplement Industry. And still today, Shaklee is the #1 Natural Nutritional Company in the United States.

It is the Philosophy and Core Values that drive Shaklee in process of creating products with a DistinctShaklee Difference. There is a quote that was made by the original Shaklee Founder: Dr. Shaklee. That quote is: “Quality Comes First”. That belief still holds true today in the Shaklee Philosophy. Rodger Barnette is Todays Shaklee Chairman and CEO. Rodger strives to maintain the same values. Rodger has a quote as well, “Our product philosophy is very simple-absolute, unwavering pursuit of quality without compromise. Ever

The Shaklee Scientists look to Nature for solutions. And, this is were the Shaklee Difference plays its role.

The Shaklee Difference is grounded in 3 key areas

  1. Philosophy: Created by Nature

  2. A Commitment to Purity and Potency: Harnessed by Science and Research

  3. Performance: Proven by research and millions of loyal users


The same philosophy of Shaklee stays the same as 50 years ago from when Dr. Shaklee created and built the company. It has been and always will be the Science Behind the Company. Shaklee scientists look to nature for solutions. With Shaklee, the compounds created by nature are harnessed by science.

A plant rich diet offers protective nutrients. And, without a plant rich diet people appear to be more vulnerable to disease.

This is the Shaklee Heritage and the Philosophy that Shakelee is Based On: Products Created By Nature and Harnessed by Science to insure quality and safety.

Every day Shaklee Scientists search the world for the purest, and most potent natural ingredients available to address todays most critical and nutritional issues. It is this principle of “Sourcing the Ingredients From Nature” that makes Shaklee the No. 1 Natural Nutritional Company in the US.

This is also why Shaklee Nutritional Products Contain: No Artificial Colors, flavors, sweeteners, or added preservatives.

Commitment to Purity and Potency

Yes, Shaklee uses natural ingredients, but they also harness science to insure the Purity and Potency of those natural ingredientss.


Shaklee Guarantees the Absolute Purity of their ingredients.

Purity is import. Because, even though natural ingredients have many healthful benefits, the reality is that they can also be contaminated with any number of harmful materials like: Herbicides, Pesticides, DDT, and Heavy metals.

That is why Shaklee pays unwavering attention to insure the purity in their products.

In the United States, Shaklee has pioneered the highest standards for testing Natural Ingredients. No Other nutritional company was screening as carefully as Shaklee. At Shaklee, the ingredients go through Extensive Third Party testing to insure purity. Including rigorous testing of over 358 potential contaminants. Another important Shaklee Difference is that they do not just check the raw materials, they also check the extract. Many companies do not go this extra step.

The main difference with Shaklee then other companies is that Quality and Safety come first. Shaklee will not for, any reason sell anything that could be harmful or contain any contaminants whatsoever. That is due to their rigorous testing polices and procedures.


Quality testing does not stop with purity. Shaklee also Guarantees the potency of their formula by Guaranteeing that what you Read on the Label is exactly what is in the bottle.

All botanical ingredients go through extensive testing for potency.
They first send all of their botanical raw materials to the Philadelphia Collage of Pharmacy in order to confirm the presence of the active ingredients.

Next, they use Cutting-Edge HPLC technology to Quantify the amount of the active ingredients.

Finally, Shaklee will conduct thorough internal and external safety evaluations for chemical contaminants and micro-biological safety.

It is a known fact that most of the other nutritional companies simply rely on the vender’s supply data to confirm that the raw material is potent and pure. This is where the Shaklee process is different then others. Because, Shaklee products are Scientifically Formulated to contain the significant and relevant amounts of the active ingredients to consistently deliver the benefits of optimal health, it is critical that what Shaklee says on the label is actually in the bottle for use by you.

That is why Shaklee not only screens the products before they go into manufacturing but, they also validate the potency of their product Before they are released to their customers. Shaklee will often perform “Clinical Trials” to validate the performance of their products.

Scientific research and clinical studies are a huge part of the Shaklee difference that separates them from other companies within the industry. Clinical research for nutritional supplements is not required by the Government. Therefore, many companies within the industry will not perform these scientific studies like Shaklee does. The main reason is that it is incredibly expensive and some companies will just not invest their monies for research.

Science has always been the main focus for Shaklee and it is their heritage of conducting studies to prove that their products work. Shaklee does this despite the expense. Why do the do it? Again, they do this for Quality and Safety. Which in turn, generates Customer Satisfaction.


The research done by Shaklee does not just support the Product Performance but, it also gives insight into safety, efficacy, and potential product benefits.

Not only does Shaklee obtain all of the clinical studies of their products but, they also perform clinical studies to eliminate potential ingredients. Some ingredients are researched and not proven effective or could be proven harmful.

Another part of the Shaklee difference is that they use State of the Art Manufacturing facilities to produce the Highest Quality Products. Shaklee produces “patented processing methods” to ensure proper nutrient release and absorption of nutrients in the body. Shaklee uses the highest quality standards and their standards have exceeded in the expectations required by the Good Manufacturing Practices. This is where Shaklee has been a Leader in the Industry. Shaklee has helped to set the standard in the dietary supplements industry.
Shaklee offers Quality Products That Work. Shaklee products have been proven by Millions of Loyal and Satisfied customers all around the globe. Shaklee products have been proven by many Elite Adventurers’ and World Class Athletes and these particular Adventurers’ and Athletes Trust and Rely on Shaklee products, Shaklee performance, and Shaklee nutrition. There is a publication in the Time- Life Books “The Greatest Adventures of All Time” that features the 7 Adventurers’ that relied on Shaklee products to help them reach their personal goals.

When Your “Personal Best” needs a Nutritional Boost, You can Count on the Shaklee Difference to give you that Extra Edge.

The Final Shaklee Difference

Shaklee believes that their products are the Best in the World and they stand behind each and every product with a 100% Satisfaction Guarentee. Shaklee strives for your Full Satisfaction and offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not Fully Satisfied with your products, Shaklee will gladly provide you a refund.

This is the reason why Shaklee is a little more expensive (with some products): It is all due to the science behind their products and the length of research that they perform on their products. The only expense difference is the Shaklee Difference. It is important to remember that, Not Many of the other Nutritional Companies will even invest their money into Scientific Research and Clinical Studies. You can be assured that Shaklee Does.

Maybe you will now put the Shaklee Difference to the test. With the 100% Shaklee Guarantee, you have nothing to lose but only a Healthier Life to Gain.

There are some products through Shaklee that may be more then others on the market. But, now you can understand what is on the market. Is there science behind those market products? There are also products from Shaklee that are even more of a deal then other companies out there. But, not many companies can even compare to the Shaklee Difference that has just been explained.

Shaklee is Dedicated to providing Natural Solutions to create Healthier Lives.

The very next time that someone asks you “Why is Shaklee so expensive?” You can tell them the Shaklee Difference. You can tell them about The Science behind the products: Philosophy, Commitment to Purity and Potency, and the Performance of their products.

The many, many people that join Shaklee are looking for ways to control their destiny, their health, to leave the planet a better place, and to help other people find Health and Well-being at the same time. Shaklee offers product solutions to turn those goals in to a Reality.

When you are ready to try the Shaklee Difference for yourself you can place your order by clicking this link.

Gotta Get Some of That Shaklee…Now!

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To Your Great Health

Please, leave me a comment.  I , along with other viewers would really love to hear Your Views.

Thank you for reading my article. I love hearing opinions.

Kami Snoeberger


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